100% Money Back Guarantee


Our one year guarantee was designed to make your experience with us as easy as possible and 100% risk free. As consumers ourselves, we do things a little differently here at Haloderm...

We don't believe in keeping money that we don't deserve. We understand that sometimes you don't get around to trying a product right away, so putting a short time frame on our return policy doesn't seem fair. So, at any time in the next year you can contact us and get a full refund.

And don’t worry… We don't believe in making you jump through hoops like sending back a product that didn't work for you just to get a refund. Here's a dirty industry insider secret; companies who require you to send back the product to get a refund, are doing this knowing most people are too lazy to ship it back to get a refund. Again, this is not fair to YOU. We know you are busy and it’s a big hassle and downright irritating to pack something up that didn’t work and take it to the post office.

So, simply contact us and we will get you refunded right then and there and we let you keep the product

email: info@haloderm.com

phone: 442-325-1129